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At KidsTeam adults partner with children to design new technology for children. 

Children are

equal stakeholders throughout the

design process. 

KidsTeam values

the long-term relationship between adult and child. 

The age group we work with is 7 to 11. In KidsTeam, children are our design partners which differs from being testers (children test prototypes of technology) or informants (children inform new technology). The team asks for a long-term partnership between its adult
and child team members.

As KidsTeam values a long term relationship between the adult and child we meet every twice a week at KidsTeam UW during the school period. During the summer, we have one full week of KidsTeam where the team works on multiple projects. 

KidsTeam uses 

different design techniques. 


Children evaluate designs

by providing critique in the form of likes, dislikes, and design ideas on sticky notes. 

Children are given a scenario and are asked to evaluate

it by moving to a position on line marked yes, no, or maybe. 

Bags of Stuff 
Line Judging

Children receive bags filled with a mixture of materials that they can use to build and prototype different ideas. 

There are different categories of KidsTeam at UW. 


Each different category of KidsTeam  has completed a large amount of projects. These different teams at KidsTeam UW have partnered with a wide-range of corporations, faculty members, and students. 

KidsTeam UW
KidsTeam Families
KidsTeam Libraries
KidsTeam Libraries
KidsTeam T5
KidsTeam Libraries

KidsTeam UW is part of a larger network of KidsTeam groups. 


The first KidsTeam was created at

the University of Maryland. 

The method used in KidsTeam is called Cooperative Inquiry. This is a method Jason Yip learnt from Allison Druin during his time at Maryland. The very first KidsTeam was created at the University of Maryland led by Dr. Allison Druin. Read more about Maryland's KidsTeam. 

Other KidsTeam locations include

Boise State University with Dr. Jerry Alan Fails

University of Baltimore with Dr. Greg Walsh

University of Iowa with Dr. Juan Pablo Hourcade

University of Maryland with Dr. Elizabeth Bonsignore

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