KidsTeam is made possible by many volunteers, faculty, students, and librarians.

Jason Yip is the Director

of KidsTeam 


Dr. Yip is the principal investigator of a Google Faculty Research Award project that examines how Latino children search and broker online information for their English-language learning parents. Dr. Yip is the principal investigator on an Institute of Museum and Library Services grant to study how to integrate intergenerational co-design group in urban and rural libraries. Finally, Dr. Yip has won a National Institutes of Health award into examining the use of mobile technologies to support children’s sun exposure and skin cancer. He holds a B.A. (2001) in chemistry and M.S.Ed (2002) in science and math education from the University of Pennsylvania, and a

Ph.D. (2014) in curriculum and instruction from the University

of Maryland.


Jason Yip is an assistant professor at The Information School and adjunct assistant professor in Human Centered Design & Engineering in University of Washington. His research examines how technologies can support parents and children learning together. He is a co-principal investigator on a National Science Foundation Cyberlearning project on designing social media technologies to support neighborhoods learning science together. He is the director of KidsTeam UW, an intergenerational group of children (ages 7 – 11) and researchers co-designing new technologies and learning activities for children, with children. 



Graduate students who 

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Kung Jin Lee, 2015-Present
KidsTeam SPL, Creepy Project,
Health and KidsTeam
Wendy Roldan, 2018-Present
MHCID + KidsTeam UW
Rahul Banerjee, 2016-Present
Caroline Pitt, 2015-Present
Science Everywhere
Ishita Chordia, 2018-Present
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