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KidsTeam Libraries is a partnership with Seattle Public Library and rural libraries.

Projects with Seattle 

Public Library 

KidsTeam explores the use of technology in libraries. 

KidsTeam Libraries was created as a way to explore technology usage in the library space and give kids in different communities the opportunity to be design partners. The group started working mainly at Seattle Public Library branches and has now expanded to include rural libraries in locations like Whitman and Stevens county. Technology projects vary by year and the specific learning goals of each library. 

2017-04-04 16.41.44.jpg

Digital Learning Activities for the Library, 2015-2017

Seattle Public Library Main Branch

Seattle Public Library main branch has worked with Jason Yip’s KidsTeam UW in understanding how children want to learn the following technology: FINCH, Little Bits, TaleBlazer, BB-8. The reports created from KidsTeam UW lab was used in creating learning programs for Seattle Public Library youth programs.

2017-10-20 16.10.12.jpg
Video Games and Storytime, 2017
Seattle Public Library Columbia Branch

Fall of 2017 A class taught by Jason Yip ‘Participatory Design in Libraries’ worked with Seattle Public Library- Columbia Branch to do a KidsTeam SPL which the goal was to understand how children want to interact with Super Mario Maker to generate stories with video games.

2018-10-10 16.35.10.jpg
3D Printing Exploration, 2018
Seattle Public Library Columbia and Greenwood Branches

Winter to Spring of 2017 A capstone group of students who were in ‘PD and Libraries’ class continued to lead a KidsTeam SPL in Columbia Branch and worked with the 3D printer.Fall of 2018 The class ‘Participatory Design in Libraries’ was taught again this time in two locations: Columbia and Greenwood branch of SPL and worked with Arduino.

2019-01-31 17.13.47.jpg
Arduino Circuit Boards, 2018-2019
Seattle Public Library Columbia, Greenwood, and Rainier Branches

Fall of 2018 The class ‘Participatory Design in Libraries’ was taught again this time in two locations: Columbia and Greenwood branch of SPL and worked with Arduino.Winter of 2019 a capstone group has started a new KidsTeam SPL at the Rainier Branch. The team will continue to work with Arduino based on the work from Columbia and Greenwood branch.

Projects with

Rural Libraries


Rural Library 

Projects are

coming soon!


Some of our KidsTeam 

Librarian Partners

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 4.28.19 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 4.28.54 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 4.29.06 PM.png
J. Tidwell-136.jpg
Juan Rubio
Digital Media and Learning
Program Manager at
the  Seattle Public Library
Sheri Miller
Associate Director and Youth Services Manager for the Whitman
County Rural Library District 
Nichole Kopp
Teen Librarian and Youth Services
Assistant for the Whitman County
Rural Library District 
Bryan Tidwell
Library Manager for the 
Stevens County Library at the 
Chewelah Branch 

Course About Participatory Design in the Libraries 

At the University of Washington, we have a class about doing Participatory Design in the Libraries. In this class the students go to the library to do KidsTeam with the children in the community.  In this class students meet twice a week. One day is spent in class reading about the theory of Participatory Desgin and co-design whereas the the other day is spent at one of the libraries in Seattle.

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