KidsTeam uses Participatory Design Methods and you can create your own KidsTeam. 

KidsTeam UW Publications

KidsTeam UW

Arnold, L., Lee, K. J., & Yip, J. C. (2016). Co-designing with children: An approach to social robot design. ACM Human-Robot Interaction (HRI).

Yip, J. C., Arnold, L., Gallo, A., Lee, K. J., Pitt, C., Sobel, K., & Chen, S. (2016). How to survive creating an intergenerational co-design group. interactions, 23(4), 65-67.

Yip, J. C., Sobel, K., Gao, X., Hishikawa, A. M., Lim, A., Meng, L., ... & Hiniker, A. (2019, April). Laughing is Scary, but Farting is Cute: A Conceptual Model of Children's Perspectives of Creepy Technologies. In Proceedings of the 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (p. 73). ACM.

[PDF - Full Paper]

KidsTeam Libraries with UW 

Yip, J., & Lee, K. J. (2018). The Design of Digital Learning Activities for Libraries Through Participatory Design. Reconceptualizing Libraries: Perspectives from the Information and Learning Sciences.

Banerjee, R., Yip, J., Lee, K. J., & Popović, Z. (2016, June). Empowering children to rapidly author games and animations without writing code. In Proceedings of the The 15th International Conference on Interaction Design and Children(pp. 230-237). ACM.

[PDF - Short Paper]

Yip, J. C., Sobel, K., Pitt, C., Lee, K. J., Chen, S., Nasu, K., & Pina, L. R. (2017, May). Examining adult-child interactions in intergenerational participatory design. In Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (pp. 5742-5754). ACM.  Honorable Mention Best Paper, Top 5% of 2,400 Submissions [PDF - Full Paper] 

KidsTeam Families with UW

Yip, J. C., Clegg, T., Ahn, J., Uchidiuno, J. O., Bonsignore, E., Beck, A., ... & Mills, K. (2016, May). The evolution of engagements and social bonds during child-parent co-design. In Proceedings of the 2016 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (pp. 3607-3619). ACM.

[PDF - Full Paper]

Mills, K., Beck, A., Pauw, D., Bonsignore, E., Yip, J., Ahn, J & Uchidiuno, J. (2017). Learning about Learning through Participatory Design with Families. In Participatory Design for Learning (pp. 57-70). Routledge.

A resource that guides you through creating your own KidsTeam.

Interested in learning how to create a KidsTeam group? With this resource you will be able to learn about how to develop a group and understand the theories behind the structure of KidsTeam. You will be able to uncover the different design methods used in KidsTeam, and will understand what it means to form a design partnership between adults and children. This is currently being developed, so check back for updates!


Videos and Interviews

KidsTeam UW

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The Candy, Mike, and Todd Show with Jason Yip On Kids' Concepts Of Creepy Tech. 

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Information School article on KidsTeam UW research methods and approach to design. 

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KidsTeam Families

STEM for All 2018 Video Showcase featuring the Science Everywhere project. 

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