There are different categories of KidsTeam, and each has their own set of projects. 

KidsTeam UW 

KidsTeam UW takes place at the University

of Washington. KidsTeam meets twice a week, 

and partners with a wide variety of different corporations,  organizations, faculty,

and students. 

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KidsTeam Libraries takes place at branches of the Seattle Public Libraries and at

some rural Washington libraries. KidsTeam explores the role of different 

technologies in a community library setting. 

KidsTeam Libraries 

KidsTeam Families explores the use

of technology a family setting. KidsTeam partners with parents and children to

better understand technology usage and how it impacts the family dynamic. 

KidsTeam Families 


KidsTeam T5 partners with teens in the Seattle area and also at a University in California. The teams design remotely with each other to explore a wide range of different topics and ideas. 

KidsTeam T5

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