KidsTeam T5 is known as

The Tween Teen Tech Team. 

Projects with The

Tween Teen Tech Team

Technology designed by tweens and

teens for adolescents and parents. 

The Tween Teen Tech Team is a version of KidsTeam designed for kids aged 11-14 and 14-17 years old. Tweens and teens work as design partners to create new technology for adolescents and their families. The team is made up of kids based in both Washington and California. 

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Teen's Technology Usage, 2019-Present

Partnership with Stephanie Reich from University of California Irvine

Parents often needs resources to understand their teen’s use of technology. However what if these resources came from the perspective of teens and tweens? In this project we work with middle schoolers from California and Washington to design new resources for parents from tweens and teens perspectives. This is a funded project from the Society for Research in Child Development and the Jacobs Foundation as part of a broader initiative to bring leading researchers working at the intersection of developmental and computer science together to help solve some of the biggest challenges facing children and youth.