KidsTeam Families partners with children and their parents. 

Projects with 

KidsTeam Families

KidsTeam explores technology usage

in the context of

family life. 

In KidsTeam Families, we partner with parents and children in the design process which is important for producing technologies that take into consideration the rich relationships and dynamics present in family life.


Science Everywhere, 2015-2016

Partnership with June Ahn and Tammy Clegg

Science Everywhere is an NSF funded research study aimed at understanding how technology can engage entire communities in science learning. We utilize a design-based research approach in which we co-design innovative science learning technology with families, teachers, and leaders in a community, implement that technology in the community, and then redesign that technology in an iterative design process. Broadly, this study will contribute to a theory on connected learning by developing an understanding of how to connect science learning at home, school, and community spaces with technology.